Moong Pulse Price Touches Rs 220 To Rs 260 Per Kg

KARACHI: (DNN Dekh News Network -Dec 25th, 2019) Amid tall clams of the ruling PTI and Prime Minister Imran Khan for working to provide relief to a common citizen, the price of moong pulse has hit an all-time record of Rs220-260 per kg in retail markets from Rs180-200 per kg in the last few days.

The pulse which is the only option left for the poor citizens is now out of their reach after recent price hike. “The flour prices in Sindh are also showing no sigh of relief to the general public,” the survey conducted by Pakistan Point said here on Wednesday. Passco released stocks of wheat but even then there is no relief in the prices of wheat in Karachi and other parts of Sindh.

According to the survey, Moong pulse is being sold between Rs 210 to 225 per kg as compared to Rs 170 to Rs 185 per kg in Dandia Bazaar, said an wholesaler. He said the price of 40 kg moong pulse has touched high figures of Rs 7,500 from Rs 6,800 in Punjab.

“Moong pulse price is also high as the traders in Punjab resorted to hoarding,” said the trader.

The survey showed that the consumers are paying Rs 160 per kg gram pulse to the retailers after its wholesale price has gone high to Rs 125 to Rs 132 per kg from Rs 110 to Rs 120 per kilogram. The price of per kg Masoor pulse is also Rs 105 as compared to the previous rate of Rs 90 to Rs 95 per kg while the retail price is Rs s120 per kg. The price of Mash’s wholesale has risen to Rs 180 rupees with recent increase of Rs 10 rupees but the retail price is being charged around Rs 180 to Rs 200 per kg in various parts of the province.

“Moong is imported from Thailand and Burma and its prices were low but the rate in world market is high as $ 900 to $1, 025 are being charged against per ton,”said Karachi Wholesalers Grocers Association Chief Anis Majeed.

The prices of other essential commodities are also high and getting out of reach of common citizens.

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